Greetings folks! I’d like to introduce a new series I’m working on called Day Time (working title). As a freelancer, I’m constantly searching for new productivity hacks, tips, tricks and better ways to structure my work days. I’m curious as to how other entrepreneurs make it happen. When do they wake up? When do they stop working? What boundaries do they set for themselves? What books are they reading?

Who better to start with than my good friend Candice. Let us begin!

Candice runs Oh! Fox Creative here in Austin, TX. I met her through a Ruby event (may it rest in peace) and we’ve been pals since. I can’t say enough good things about her character, friendship and professionalism, but I’ll just tell you that she’s a GEM and you’re lucky if you know her. Now for the juicy stuff! Candice is going to walk us through a very typical day in 3…2…

Candice! Will you start out by telling readers where you are from?

The thriving metropolis of Baytown. In the heart of East Texas, it’s a spectacular oil and refinery town on the way to the Louisiana border.

What do you do?

I buy one of a kind, for the trade. Essentially, I work closely with interior stylists and hotels to source unique items for their projects.

Walk us through your day. Not your greatest day, but not your worst. What does a good-to-ideal day look like for you?

I roll out of bed around 7, and my husband brings me coffee in these gorgeous stone mugs we brought back from Mexico. Breakfast is usually smashed avocado on toast, topped with a fried egg. The mornings start with prayer and meditation or journaling. Practicing quiet really centers me and then I get less lost in social media, comparison, etc. After a second cup of coffee, I’ll meet up with a friend in my business class to brainstorm a problem or touch base with potential clients.

I spend most afternoons in the studio, keeping up with inventory, product photography, and shipping. Spending time looking through paper catalogues and books keeps me inspired and dreaming up new ideas. A brilliant friend of mine, Becky Murphy, told me to write down ten new ideas a day, and while ten ideas usually takes me two days, it’s truly the best advice I’ve been given since launching OH! Fox Creative. So I’m constantly writing ideas down in my notebook.

Pouring a glass of wine and getting dinner started begins around 5 pm. I love taking that time of day slow. Working for myself, I know I’ll be on email later or working at night, so I never apologize for that time, but savor it instead. We will check email or finish projects a little after nine, and try to be in bed by ten most nights. Ten almost always means eleven.


First of all, thank you for the shout out. Secondly, there is so much inspiration in the above three paragraphs that I don’t know how I’ll handle it. Do you have any boundaries throughout your day?
I’m at my best when I don’t look at Instagram until ten a.m. To be honest, I think it’s rude to have a phone out at lunch or be texting in the middle of a meeting, even if it’s social. When I’m present with someone, I’m happier, so that’s my biggest boundary: choosing to be present and putting down my phone.

Because my clients’ projects are time sensitive, I don’t really have an “I don’t answer email after…” boundary. But when I take vacation, I do my best to wrap up projects completely and create an away message so I can really unwind.

The last note I’ll add here is that I rarely say I’m busy. Even Beyonce has 24 hours in a day, so if I practice saying no and practice minimalism in my schedule, I almost always have time to invest in people I love and projects that I’m excited about. That’s maybe the best boundary — never saying “I’m sooo busy.”


What are the top three most influential books you’ve read recently (or ever)?
1. E Myth Revisited transformed the way I think about business.
2. I quote Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In almost weekly, so I have to include that.
3. Book club is reading A Moveable Feast by Hemingway right now and I am totally mesmerized. Not sure about long term impact, but I’m eating it up.

Love love love it all. You inspired me to start my morning more intentionally. Thanks, Candice. 

Follow Candice on Instagram and Twitter. Keep up with her shop updates by signing up for her newsletter, and be sure you take a good look around her new gorgeous site. 

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Artist Profile: Becky Murphy from ellen wildhagen on Vimeo.

My very talented friend Elle Wildhagen made this sweet video of me when she was in town from California. I think she captures my spirit of play quite well. Her direction and inquisitive questions were so good that they forced me to look within and I ended up learned a lot about myself and my work through talking with her on camera. I’m so proud of what she came up with. She’s a joy to work with and if you live in California (or anywhere for that matter), I hope you too get to work with her. Whether it be photos or videos for your wedding or about page, Elle rocks.

She’s incredibly passionate, curious and downright good at what she does.

Check out her site right away.

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I’m opening an Etsy store soon! If you missed my Instagram sale, sign up below and I’ll notify you when these dudes are ready for purchase. Thanks again for all of your support, and thanks to everyone who posted on Instagram!

Above shots from mstetsondesign, tackyannie and caroline_joy.

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Hey friends! I’m really excited to start selling prints. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, and when a friend asked for a copy of my “Should I wash my hair today?” flowchart, that was just the nudge that I needed. I will have six to choose from (each pictured in above gif). You may be familiar with a few. Perhaps you remember this or this?

I’ll be selling them throughout the day on Friday on Instagram through an awesome new app called #imightneedthis.

Here’s what you do:

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Stay tuned for this Insta blitzkreig on Friday!

Prints are 8.5×11″ and $18 each.

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A curated list:

1. Victor Hugo
2. Sam Cooke
3. Charles Barkley
4. Douglas*
5. Cool Dad
6. Guy who winks
7. Eric Carl
8. Ray Romano
9. Thomas the Tank Engine
10. Danny Tanner
11. Andy Samberg as Nick Cage
12. Lewis
13. Clark
14. Clark Kent
15. Kenneth Cole
16. Thomas Kinkead
17. Tonya Harding’s hitman, Jeff Gallouly
18. Max Bemis
19. Seal
20. Tommy Thompson
21. Jimmy Johnson
22. Beau
23. Terrance Malick
24. Harold Washington
25. Topher Grace

Runners up: Chris Harrison’s CPA and Prince (the generic one)

*denotes emu


Here are some goodies from my infamous fourth grade diary.

I improved a lot in the last 16 years. Looking forward to how my work looks when I’m 42.


I think my humor is a little more polished too. I’m less of a balloon person, but I get it. And if I’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if chokers came back.

Do you still have access to your old art?

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Are you or your friends running the Austin Marathon tomorrow?

I hope you find this scavenger hunt helpful during your quick jaunt around town.

I’ll be there too—but on the sidelines. We’ll be drinking mimosas and waving signs of encouragement with pals, for pals.

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Last night I Skyped in to talk to my alma mater’s (Iowa State!) design club. It was fun! I’ve learned a lot these last few years and I was happy to share a bit of my journey with the gang. I’m thinking about posting a thing or two for design students.  It’s like that Onion header that says, “Surgeon General Advises Being 19 Years Old With 100 Bucks In Your Pocket And Your Whole Life In Front Of You”. It’s scary not knowing what’s ahead for the first time in your life, but DANG, what an exciting place to be.

The other thing I should note is that I’d Rather Be Short was on the Five on Fox last night! To say I’m jolly about this news is a bit of an understatement. I’ll show it off when I can find a clip. For now, here’s my proof. What an honor.

Anywho, the reason I reeled you in in the first place: the bullet journal. Give it a try. I’m not going to explain it because this two-minute video I saw on Life Hacker will do a better job than I ever could. I started it immediately and haven’t looked back. It’s the best way to stay organized and plan your day while kicking post its to the curb.

Breathe deep, my friends. Organization is here.

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