That’s it. I’m trading my fourth grade dream of playing for the WNBA (true story) to one day illustrate with 50% of the wit and charm of Marc Johns. He has street cred too. His work has been featured in Wired, Newsweek, NY Times, etc. Check out his blog for more eye candy. I want to buy both or either Serious Drawings, quicknotes and Serious Drawings. 

Also, if you’re into tattoos of cameras with or with out antlers, OR tattoos of antlers with or without cameras, this may be for you. Golly, Marc. You’re inspiring me so much that I just might have to do something about it…

  1. csconine

    Somewhere in the midwest there’s a college kid who in a couple of years will be writing this same blog and referencing “I’d Rather Be Short” and “The Woeful Whale.” #ihadavision