My dad subscribes to Perry Marshall’s blog by email. He forwarded me this post, The Evil, 3-Letter Word Of New Years Resolutions. I almost feel bad that I’m writing a post that is only about his post, but I’m afraid you won’t read it if I simply leave a link. It’s worth the read (plus it’s not very long).

Are you starting to think about your New Year’s resolution(s)?

Here’s an idea: change the system, not the willpower.

Example he provides:

Will Power: “I’m going to try harder to get less distracted with social media this year.”

System Change: “I’m going to set my web browser so I ALWAYS have to manually log into Facebook and enter my password every single time.” How about also putting our phones in the backseat when we drive so we’re not tempted to check twitter at red lights? Just a thought.

I’m thankful for a bazillion things this year. I hope you feel refreshed and ready for a great 2014.

*photo from my Instagram one year ago

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  1. Katie Johnson

    So true…trying goes nowhere for me real fast. I do think this past year I have worked on new systems that are creating the outcomes I want. Thanks so much for sharing Perry’s post. Hope you have a great New Year!