I made this doodad into my new Twitter background. I like it!

I’ve been having fun with pattern play, as you can see below.

twitter2 twitter3

I’d like to eventually sell goods with said patterns (fear not, there are more!) I will keep you posted.

Where do you recommend printing on fabric, wallpaper, etc.? I’ve heard good things about Spoonflower. Do you know of anywhere else? Do recommend any certain product? In case you were wondering, WordPress has already awarded me the “Congratulations, This Is The Vaguest Request For Printing Advice Post of February of 2014″, so I at least have that.

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  1. jensen

    ah, I’ve been wondering the same thing lately! Hopefully someone shares some good tips (…..and then maybe you can share?) :)

    • Becky

      I will definitely share when I get them! It sounds like Spoonflower is the route to go though. I’ve only heard good things.