The Chipper Things Print Shop has arrived. It’s an Etsy store and it’s modest. I’m calling Monday the official launch, but let’s be honest, she’s ready for business.

I’ve wanted to bite the selling my prints bullet for over a year, but little things stopped me. Too busy. Do I do Etsy or another platform? How do I ship them? Where do I get cardboard backings and plastic sleeves? Where do I print them? Do I have to print huge expensive orders? What if nobody buys them and I look like a fool? Everybody sells prints, what makes me think I’m so special? Will it be worth my time? I want to give back, but to which organization do I donate and how much?

These are all small things, but added up, they prevented me from making a simple step forward. I already had the art; I just didn’t know how to execute.

Eventually I figured it out one by one.

I paid my sister to set up the shop. I went with Etsy because it was the cheapest. I asked people on Twitter how they package their prints, and I was told to try Clear Bags, which I did and is great. I print them at a printer just five minutes away and they are not expensive (and I don’t have to print huge orders). I stopped caring if they really sold (then I sold 25+ on Instagram). I am going to give back to PelotonU (provides mentors and scholarships to hard-working student who would otherwise not be able to attend college). I don’t have to know if I’m going to donate 5 or 10% before I start selling. I don’t have to marry this cause. I just need to start somewhere.

If you have a hankering to order, I suggest you do it on Monday, where you will receive an extra surprise print from the shop with your order. Perfect for another spot on your wall. OR, keep it in the packaging and give it to a friend as a gift.

Thanks for your support! I’m excited to have a platform where I can sell more art and test new ideas in the future.

*Chipper Things prints are also available at Mockingbird Domestics in Austin. I’m still very excited about this.

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  1. Lori

    Becky, I just came across your blog and I’m incredibly glad that I did. I’ve been thinking about opening a print shop on Etsy for a while now, and I am having all the questions that you wrote about this post. This post is a big encouragement to me because now I can see that it’s okay to have questions and some doubts and still move forward with what I want to do. Thanks!